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Sparkly Girl’s New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve often revolves around who you’re going to kiss at midnight.  Why not skip the pressure and

Terra Cotta – Fall Fashion – Shop Local Savannah

One of the reasons I love Savannah so much is because this beautiful city is filled with local business owners,

A Day at the beach with Zia Couture

If you live in Savannah, chances are you are fully aware of the amazingness that is Zia.  The man is beautiful, kind,

Satchel – local boutique – savannah fashion

Meet Satchel. If you live in Savannah, chances are you already frequent this leather goods boutique & workshop. 

Bstreet Salon – Fashion – Savannah, GA

Fashion photography makes my heart go pitter patter and its what I continuously look to for inspiration.  So I always

Zang Toi – The Cloister – Sea Island Fashion Week

I just love how many smaller cities around the country are jumping on the New York Fashion Week bandwagon and offering

Kate Spade Opening Party in Savannah – with Life on the Squares

Now, anyone who knows me, whether it be in person or just online, knows that I am completely smitten with Kate Spade. 

2013 Fall Fashion Trends

Tonight is Savannah’s Fashion Night! Who’s going?! I will admit, I’m a self proclaimed fashionista. 

SID Fashion Show

Fashion has always been one of my biggest loves and inspiration so it makes me pretty happy that Savannah has such a

Girls in White Dresses

This is an early photograph from highschool.  It’s of my dear friend Anna who actually came to SCAD with me.  Can

Femme Fatale Salon – Fashion

The fellas at Femme Fatale Salon are good friends of ours – not to mention, some of the best stylists and

Express Holiday 2012 Fashion Show – Savannah, GA

Express was in Savannah over the weekend shooting their Holiday 2012 campaign.  As a big thank you to the city,

Megan – Casa de Campo – Madrid, Spain

I’m super excited about this session.  I worked with this gorgeous girl at my school and in the past year we have

Leo – Fashion & Portrait Photography – Madrid, Spain

About a month ago, a good friend, Mark, was in town.  He was in our program last year but had to return to the states

Briony – Fashion Photography – Madrid, Spain

Briony is a friend of our roommate, Sriroop.  And she is one awesome stylish lady so I knew right away that I wanted to

In the Studio – Fashion Photography

Miss Rosa is my new friend from Scotland and she is just lovely! She is working in the same program as me here in

Femme Fatale Salon – Lauriel – Fashion

Last weekend I shot two weddings for some very dear friends. Im still in the process of getting images from those

Barbizon & Gage Talent – Fashion Photography – Knoxville, TN

Back in December I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing a fashion show at the Barbizon & Gage Talent