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Southern Sugaring – Barbie Inspired Pool Party

Barbie Inspired Pool Party Editorial Southern Sugaring is a hair removal boutique in Savannah’s historic

Sparkly Girl’s New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve often revolves around who you’re going to kiss at midnight.  Why not skip the pressure and

Terra Cotta – Fall Fashion – Shop Local Savannah

One of the reasons I love Savannah so much is because this beautiful city is filled with local business owners,

A Day at the beach with Zia Couture

If you live in Savannah, chances are you are fully aware of the amazingness that is Zia.  The man is beautiful, kind,

Satchel – local boutique – savannah fashion

Meet Satchel. If you live in Savannah, chances are you already frequent this leather goods boutique & workshop. 

Bstreet Salon – Fashion – Savannah, GA

Fashion photography makes my heart go pitter patter and its what I continuously look to for inspiration.  So I always

Zang Toi – The Cloister – Sea Island Fashion Week

I just love how many smaller cities around the country are jumping on the New York Fashion Week bandwagon and offering

Kate Spade Opening Party in Savannah – with Life on the Squares

Now, anyone who knows me, whether it be in person or just online, knows that I am completely smitten with Kate Spade. 

2013 Fall Fashion Trends

Tonight is Savannah’s Fashion Night! Who’s going?! I will admit, I’m a self proclaimed fashionista. 

SID Fashion Show

Fashion has always been one of my biggest loves and inspiration so it makes me pretty happy that Savannah has such a

Girls in White Dresses

This is an early photograph from highschool.  It’s of my dear friend Anna who actually came to SCAD with me.  Can

Femme Fatale Salon – Fashion

The fellas at Femme Fatale Salon are good friends of ours – not to mention, some of the best stylists and

Megan – Casa de Campo – Madrid, Spain

I’m super excited about this session.  I worked with this gorgeous girl at my school and in the past year we have

Leo – Fashion & Portrait Photography – Madrid, Spain

About a month ago, a good friend, Mark, was in town.  He was in our program last year but had to return to the states

Briony – Fashion Photography – Madrid, Spain

Briony is a friend of our roommate, Sriroop.  And she is one awesome stylish lady so I knew right away that I wanted to

In the Studio – Fashion Photography

Miss Rosa is my new friend from Scotland and she is just lovely! She is working in the same program as me here in