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The great big party that is Alt Summit

This past winter, Audrey (French Knot Studios) attended Alt Summit, a conference for bloggers out in SLC, and came home

Vacation: NY and Boston

How excited was I when two good friends hired me for their weddings in NY!?  And how more perfect was it that their

2013 Fall Fashion Trends

Tonight is Savannah’s Fashion Night! Who’s going?! I will admit, I’m a self proclaimed fashionista. 

Things I’m loving

I haven’t done one of these posts in a very long time so I figured now was better than ever to share some of the

The Goat Farm – Atlanta, GA

Another highlight on my networking trip to Atlanta was The Goat Farm.  I had first heard of it because two of my


You may have seen little hints that we adopted a new doggie.  It’s true! I wanted to wait till she was official

Summer goals

My Spring has been uber busy, thank goodness.  However I’m very much looking forward to a very slow summer so

Weekend Recap

I just got home today from a weekend spent visiting friends and family in Durham, NC.  While the drive is a pain, I


I remember coming home from a wedding and telling Martin I got to watch a hot pink haired belly dancer all night, hah

Girls in White Dresses

This is an early photograph from highschool.  It’s of my dear friend Anna who actually came to SCAD with me.  Can

Happy Birthday Martin

Martin turns the big 30 today!  I’m so thankful for all the birthdays we’ve shared together and am ready to

Kahlo graduates!

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of photographing and posting about Kahlo – she is our joy and we are

Family Time

My parents came to visit last weekend to help celebrate Martin’s mom’s 60th birthday.  Friday night we

Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas

Martin and I have never been big on gift giving.  Now because I grew up watching my dad give jewelry to my mom,

5 Years…

Today marks 5 years of marriage.  Dang. When looking back over the years and thinking of what I would write about

Homemade Granola Bars

Martin and I recently started making our own granola bars.  We always want something very quick to grab in the morning

The beginning

I didn’t always dream of being a photographer.  Other than having a wild imagination, I wasn’t even that

Happy Birthday Kahlo!

I cannot believe our sweet baby girl turned one today.  She has truly brought so much extra joy, aggravation, exercise,

Kahlo – Pet Photography – Savannah, GA

So I’ve been a little missing here on the blog lately.  I haven’t really held up my New Year’s

South Magazine – feature

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the latest issue of South Magazine, DO IT! It features yours truly!

New York City!

Our first stop in the states was New York City to visit my oh so wonderful big brother, Scott.  He’s got a

Our last month in Madrid

After we completed the Camino de Santiago, we had a fun filled last month in Madrid.  First, our friend Molly and her

Saying goodbye for the summer.

This past week we’ve been busy wrapping things up here in Madrid – with work, saying goodbye to some

Happy Father’s Day

Martin and I are very lucky to have two great dads.  I know everyone says that, but I truly enjoy hanging out with our

Walking around Madrid

Since our time in Madrid is coming to an end, I figured yall would like to see some more of this wonderful city we have

Recent Highlights!

So in the last couple of weeks, we’ve been kind of lame honestly.  We are saving our money for this

The Zapatilla

If you live in Madrid, probably you know about Melo’s and the delicious €10 Zapatilla.  If you don’t well

My bridal portraits & our “first look” session

One of the benefits of being a photographer is that you tend to have lots of other photographer friends.  At the time,

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!!! – our wedding photos

Just to prepare you – get ready for a very long post! Our wedding was on May 9th, 2009 – today is our

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is me and my beautiful mother! I’m very lucky to have such an awesome lady as my mom! I treasure her so